Pros and cons of teeth whitening

Whether you’re looking for a new job, looking to find a new partner, or simply want whiter teeth for your own good – a bright, toothpaste-white smile is for everyone. And it is also possible for everyone.

Why do teeth change color?

The natural color of the teeth develops differently in each person, but this is always related to various factors. These could be:

Replace and Gene

As the person ages naturally, the white color decreases due to the decrease in tooth enamel. Also related to the color of your teeth is the hereditary thickness of the enamel. The less enamel, the more the underlying yellowish glowing dentin is visible.

To smoke

A well-known cause of yellowing of teeth is tobacco consumption in cigarettes, as the substances contained in cigarettes cause brownish discoloration and promote the formation of yellowish tartar.

Nutrition and Drinks

Certain dietary habits and excessive consumption of wine, coffee, tea, and cola contribute to tooth discoloration, especially if residue is not regularly removed by daily brushing. Acidic foods also contribute to the reduction of tooth enamel, thereby bringing yellowish dentin to the fore.

What methods are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
In general, there are two places to whiten your teeth: the dentist’s office and your own home. These three methods are available to you:

Powerful whitening at the dentist

In a dental practice, such as the Welldent dental clinic, the tooth color is tinted with highly concentrated active ingredients during strong whitening. The gums are coated with a gel by the dentist to protect them. A whitening gel is then applied to the teeth, which can be irradiated with special lamps for greater effectiveness.

  • Gums and teeth are adequately protected under medical guidance
  • A gradual lighting can be made
  • The result is intense and long-lasting
  • The method is more expensive than others
  • Teeth can become hypersensitive if used incorrectly.
  • Therefore: have it bleached only by a certified professional

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