Professional Teeth Whitening

In professional teeth whitening, teeth are whitened with different methods. This will give you a much fresher smile later on. At the Welldent Dental Clinic in Cologne we use special agents, namely hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which remove all discoloration caused by coffee, tea, nicotine and certain foods. Both substances can break down the tiny pigments in the tooth substance.

In this way, we whiten teeth in a targeted way. To prevent certain deposits from settling on them, you should also visit us at least once a year, better yet twice a year, so we can do a professional dental cleaning for you.

What steps does professional teeth whitening involve?

First of all, a distinction is made between what is known as external bleaching and internal bleaching. It is performed in our clinic in Cologne by our specialists in the field of aesthetic dentistry. External whitening takes place at home. However, this method is significantly less effective. If you come to our Welldent dental clinic for professional teeth whitening, we use a concentrated whitening agent (see above). The doctor applies it to the teeth and then activates it with a special whitening lamp or a method called a soft laser.

The peroxide mentioned above is then oxidized and active oxygen is produced, which ultimately produces the bleaching effect. Alternatively, a splint made of special plastic and equipped with bleach can be used. If you have any questions, we will also be happy to advise you personally about the different methods. Talk to us anytime!

Any special considerations afterwards?

Yes, even if professional whitening has been tried and tested for a long time, there can often be minor symptoms that quickly disappear again, namely:

  • gum irritation
  • Changes in the enamel surface
  • if caries develops, the teeth are significantly more sensitive due to whitening.
  • The dental nerve may be irritated

Also remember that professional whitening only whitens teeth. Crowns, fillings and veneers remain as before. Teeth should be whitened at most twice a year in order not to strain the tooth structure and nerves too much. We are happy to assist.

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