How Long After Juvederm Dan İ Have Dental Work

Before and after an aesthetic-plastic treatment, certain precautions and behavioral instructions can contribute to achieving a harmonious outcome and keeping the risk of possible complications as low as possible. This plays a decisive role, especially in the case of surgical interventions, as they create a relatively heavy load on the body.

Can I eat something before the treatment?

Unlike many surgical procedures, patients do not need to come on an empty stomach for injection therapy. You can eat and drink normally before treatment. It is even recommended to consume enough food and liquid in advance to avoid unnecessary circulatory problems. Only alcohol consumption should be avoided beforehand, as it may increase the risk of bruising (hematoma).

Acute allergies, irritation or injury

Another exclusion criterion for wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid is allergy to the materials used. Incompatibilities with the use of hyaluronic acid are extremely rare, as hyaluronic acid is a natural part of the body. Since the hyaluronic acid injection treatment, which is also found in the body, is not exactly the same, but a synthetically produced and very similar acid is used, the side effects cannot be completely eliminated. If necessary, compatibility can be tested in advance.

Even if there is injury or inflammation in the treatment area, treatment with hyaluronic acid is not performed. While hyaluronic acid injections are relatively gentle, treatment should be avoided if the area is already irritated or injured to prevent further discomfort or exacerbation. To identify such contraindications, a detailed consultation and examination is carried out in advance.

What else should be considered before hyaluronic acid injections?

You should avoid taking medications that can affect blood clotting for about one to two weeks before hyaluronic acid injections. This includes Aspirin®. Medications can increase the risk of hematoma. If you are taking it regularly, you should consult your doctor beforehand to determine if you can temporarily stop taking the medicine. In addition, other treatments such as laser treatment (approximately two weeks), dental treatment (two weeks), dental surgery (6 weeks), or major operations such as facelifts (six months) should not have been performed in the treatment area. . You should also wait about six weeks before undergoing hyaluronic acid treatment after piercing, tattooing, and permanent makeup.

What should you pay attention to next?

Patients should not smoke before or after treatment. Nicotine negatively affects oxygenation and reduces the body’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Therefore, smoking can cause premature aging of the skin and affect the results of wrinkle treatment. Make-up should not be applied until the next day to prevent small particles from entering the small injection sites and causing irritation and inflammation. Also, patients should avoid physical exertion for about two to three days and protect the treatment areas from intense sunlight for about a week. Other treatments and surgeries (eg dental treatments, laser treatments in the same area, etc.) should be done only a few weeks after the injection.

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