Before and after wisdom tooth surgery: What should be considered?

Many patients are terrified of wisdom teeth surgery beforehand. But this is not necessary, because with the right care, the results end after a few days. Below we will inform you how you can make this procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

What can you prepare before the operation?

Before the surgery, it would be beneficial for especially neuro patients to have a comprehensive interview with the treating doctor in oral surgery, where they can learn more about the details of the procedure. In addition, you can calm down by preparing some tools that will make your recovery days easier.

  • Planning the return route: If the treatment is under general anesthesia, if you have had several wisdom teeth extracted in one day, or if you are uncomfortable with the surgical procedure in general, it is a good idea to bring someone with you. A friend or family member can arrange transportation to your home, especially if you still feel lightheaded after the procedure.
  • Eating without damaging the teeth: For the first few days after surgery, you should only eat foods that do not need to be chewed. Pre-purchase mashed potatoes, applesauce, soups and other foods that you can safely eat without chewing.
  • Preparation of cold packs: In order to keep your mouth area cool after the surgery, you should have at least three cold packs ready and put them in the freezer beforehand. In this way, you can relieve swelling especially quickly.
  • What you can do after surgery

You should avoid anything that can cause bleeding immediately after surgery. This includes, among other things, the consumption of hard or hard food, as well as any physical exertion. You should rest for at least a day or two and then not do sports for about a week. Coffee, alcohol and cigarette consumption should also be avoided until the stitches are removed, and dairy products should be consumed in moderation as they can slow down wound healing. While brushing your teeth, you should avoid the wound area until the threads come out. If you follow all these tips, you have no reason to fear wisdom tooth surgery or its results.

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