Are you afraid of professional teeth cleaning?

Like any dental treatment, dental cleaning causes anxiety in some patients. This article provides advice and explains whether dental cleaning really makes sense.

The most common reason for fear of teeth cleaning is fear of pain.
During dental cleaning, foreign materials and tartar on the tooth surface are cleaned. For many patients comes the fear of pain associated with the certainty of using dental instruments.

However, as with all dental procedures, the level of pain depends on two factors:

How much practice does the person treating you get?

Specialist assistants or dental hygienists have been trained in dental cleaning and approach their work with great sensitivity. The more experienced you are in using devices, the less likely you are to suffer. For this reason alone, you do not need to be afraid of professional teeth cleaning. If it gets too difficult for you or you need a short break, give the assistant a quick hint.

Teams specially trained to care for anxious patients also understand that treatment requires frequent breaks and caution while continuing.

Fear of the complications of dental cleaning

Anyone searching the Internet for advice on dreaded teeth cleaning will come across the search engine’s search suggestion: “patient after professional teeth cleaning”.

This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re looking forward to a date with trembling legs. So let’s take a look at what’s behind this and why there’s usually not much to fear.

Whether basic scaling or professional dental cleaning: treatment always leads to the smallest injuries to the gums. But this can also happen at home while brushing your teeth. The risk increases when the gums are inflamed and therefore particularly sensitive.

These tiny sores allow bacteria naturally found in every mouth but increased when there is inflammation, to enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. The immune system is now doing its job and triggering an immune response to fight off pathogens. In healthy people this becomes noticeable with fatigue and possibly a low fever. But this quickly disappears again; Just for this reason, you do not need to be afraid of teeth cleaning. Good oral hygiene usually reduces the risk.

This is critical only for patients who already have a weakened immune system or who have serious illnesses. Therefore, the application should be informed before the treatment.

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